Land It

LAND IT is an exciting 5 hour flying experience where you will learn the basics of how to land an airplane!

This innovative new program from Owen Sound Flight Services gives complete novices the opportunity to learn what it takes to land a small plane. You’ll be tutored under the careful instruction and watchful eye of an expert flight instructor so you don’t need previous flying experience or ground school training.
Perhaps you find yourself at the side of the road on the approach path to a busy runway, just watching airplanes fly overhead and land and you want to know how they do it! Or maybe you have a friend or spouse that flies and you want to be a safety pilot so that in the event of an emergency you have a good chance of making a safe return to the ground!

Price:Land It 1

$1074 plus HST

This program includes:

  • 5 Hours actual flying time over 5 flights
  • 2 Hours of ground briefings
  • 5 Post Flight debriefings
  • 80% Hands on Experience

What you will do:

  • Examine wind direction and pick a suitable direction to take off
  • Complete a startup and runup checklist
  • Taxi the aircraft on the ground
  • Position the aircraft on the runway for take off
  • Make radio calls to other traffic and airport advisory services
  • Accelerate down the runway controlling power and yaw with the rudder pedals
  • Take off and start a climb at a specific speed and attitude
  • Make climbing turns and descending turns
  • Fly a circuit pattern
  • Conduct appropriate pre-landing and pre-take off checks
  • Establish the aircraft in a descent at a specific speed
  • Land the airplane on the runway
  • Execute an overshoot (abort the landing)
  • Handle crosswind conditions by executing an advanced sideslip maneuver

How it works:

When purchasing this adventure flight online you will receive a gift certificate in the mail that you can use yourself or give to someone else. Just call the number on the gift certificate to book your adventure!

Of course you can call us or drop in to purchase this package and we would be happy to tell you all about it!


  • This is strictly a one-on-one experience, you and the pilot so you cannot bring passengers.
  • Weight limit – 300 lbs.
  • Flights can be booked on the same or different days.
  • No Minimum Age
  • You must be in good health and not prone to motion sickness.
  • Gift certificate will not expire, however the value is guaranteed for 1 year from the purchase date, after which time if our rates have increased due to the rising costs of fuel or other factors, you will be required to pay the difference.

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