Additional Training

Additional Ratings & Qualifications

So you have a Pilot’s Licence…now what?  Well there are plenty of training programs to further your education in aviation.  A pilots Licence is just the beginning, and adding various Ratings and Endorsements will give you the tools to expand your horizons!

Night Rating

If you are a Private Pilot who does not want to be limited to daylight flying, you may want to think about getting a Night Rating. A Night Rating will allow you to expand your flying potential to 24 hours a day, as it lets you exercise the privileges of your licence at night.

VFR Over The Top Rating

Flying VFR Over-the-Top means flying with visual reference to a layer of cloud instead of the earth’s surface. This type of VFR flying offers challenges that require advanced training in instrument flying and radio navigation skills

Instrument Rating

For the ultimate flying experience, an Instrument Rating is a must have. Don’t let your flying be limited by weather, but instead learn how to navigate through the clouds rather than standing on the ground and looking at them.


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