OSFS Re-opening February 16th, 2021

We will begin a gradual reopening starting Wednesday February 16th, 2021 and will ramp up to full capacity as the weeks lead on. To start we will be offering Flight Training and Aircraft Rental to current students and pilots once again. Student and Renter Handbooks and Avionics Guides are being updated, and subsequent Quizzes will be available soon. In time we will open up to new students, introductory flights and sightseeing flights as we readjust to the policies and procedures in place for operating under current health unit guidelines.

Just as before the shutdown, masking, screening and sanitization are still required, all policies can be found on our website: https://flyos.ca/covid19-guide-for-flight-training/ As the flying season moves forward and health protocols change we will be sure to adapt or policies, whether they are strengthening or loosening (hopefully loosening).

We had a fun and safe flying season last year, we made some great “lemonade” out of what was left of 2020, and we look forward to 2021 with optimism and excitement to continue to share the joy of flying with everyone!

Be safe, be healthy and be optimistic, we look forward to flying with you!

Dave Kalistchuk
President / Pilot
Owen Sound Flight Services

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