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Dan Marshall is Night Rated!

Way to go Dan on pursuing your flying into the wee hours of the night.  The Night Rating is a great addition to any pilots licence, as this opens up the avenue of options, not to mention flying at night

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Dean Russell Goes Solo!!!

Way to go Dean!  Congratulations on your first solo! On a gusty May 24th Friday, you showed your skills and confidence and took off in a Cessna 172 all on your own, and landed it too of course! Click the picture

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Tony Alberts is a Private Pilot!

Wow Tony, you did it man , wooo hooo, way to go, you’re a Private Pilot! On a beautiful sunny day Tony Alberts takes to the sky on his Flight Test to show his examiner everything he’s learned over the

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Jacqueline Nusko Passes Commercial Written Exam

Congratulations Jacqueline on passing one of the most difficult written exams in all of Aviation (and there are a lot of them!) It’s the Christmas season, and while most were thinking about chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jacqueline was

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Mark Tamming is a Private Pilot

Congratulations Mark on becoming a Private Pilot!  In just about 10 months you accomplished an amazing feat, but you did it with dedication and humility! Mark your natural skill and desire to learn are what propelled you towards your goal

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