Groundschool; that’s the class-work you have to do before you ever get the opportunity to fly an airplane right?


Contrary to popular belief, groundschool is not a pre-requisite to start flying, in fact you could technically do all of the flying before ever even taking a groundschool course, though it’s not recommended.

What we do recommend is having at least a couple of flights under your belt before enrolling in a groundschool course if you can.  The best method would be to do both flight training and groundschool concurrently when possible, but do what you can when you can really.

In groundschool there are complex new topics to learn, and if you can relate those abstract concepts to flying experiences you have had, it goes a long way for a deeper understanding.  Conversely, while undergoing flight training there are many air exercises such as Navigation, that call on a certain level of ground knowledge to execute effectively. 

Prior to each flight your instructor will spend additional time in pre-flight briefings covering the material needed to bring your knowledge up to the required level through preparatory ground instruction.  This is a practical discussion about “what we’re going to do and how we’re going to do it”.

In-Class Groundschool

Fall 2019 was our last in-class groundschool due to Covid-19.  We typically run one or two groundschool classes each year, one in the fall and one in the spring.  We’ll hold another one soon as things reopen. Reach out to us if you would like us to notify you about the next in-class groundschool.

Do I have to do in-class groundschool?

Often a busy work and life schedule can make it difficult to commit to weekly evening groundschool classes.  For those who can’t typically make it out to the in class groundschool, or during times where courses are not offered, we recommend an online groundschool.  There are several options out there however we have seen good results from our students using It’s very thorough and accredited course, and is run by Harv’s Air out in Manitoba.