Flight Simulator

Owen Sound Flight Services operates a Transport Canada Approved – Level 2 Flight Training Device.  Pilots can log time towards licences and ratings while in the comforts of our sim, and can gain valuable skills and procedural competence for instrument flying.  Half of the required instrument flight time for the Instrument Rating can be logged in our simulator!

Our sim is truly one a of a kind build, and we have made significant custom upgrades to both hardware and software in 2016. Integration with the latest in programming, we have brought our sim up to a new level of immersion and experience.  Powerful processors generate amazing graphics, and custom built avionics make for an unparalleled training experience.


Here’s a list of some of the key features that make our one of a kind sim, truly outstanding:

  • Triple Monitor Outside Visuals cover a field of view of 120 degrees
  • Top End Video Cards and X-Plane Graphics drive stunning visuals
  • Instructor Station allows total control of system failures and in flight weather changes
  • Custom Built Garmin 530W GPS with fully functional interface for RNAV Approaches
  • Precision Flight Controls control yoke and rudder pedals provide the hands on experience
  • Interchangeable Throttle Quadrants facilitate a diverse range of aircraft
  • Radio Stack with full tuning ability for Dual Nav/Com, VOR, ADF, DME, Transponder and AutoPilot

  • Direct link to Ipads running Foreflight, sending simulated position data in real time
  • Synthetic Vision supported through simulated AHRS data allows you to see through the weather
  • Intercom system allows Pilot/Instructor Communication through headsets
  • Live Air Traffic Control feeds into sim headsets to create a true feeling of immersion
  • 200 Watt Sound System plus Sub Woofer allows you to feel the airplane powering up
  • Behringer Audio Mixer provides precise control of engine, atc, pilot, instructor and line in audio levels
  • Chromecast Audio allows wireless integration of your favorite music to the headset or external speakers
  • LED Lighting with multiple color schemes adds an amazing level of ambiance

This sim is one of a kind.  Stay tuned to this web page for updates on this ongoing project including in depth blogs on the build process and promotional videos showing the sim in action!