Here’s a rough idea of how far and fast we can fly. Each ring provides enough time to fly there and back.
(after snapping a few pictures of course!)

Somewhere you want to go?  Something you want to see?  We can do that!  Let us create a custom tour for your needs!

Customizing your sightseeing experience is just a phone call away.  Tell us what you want to see and we can tell you how long it will take to get there, circle around for some great views and fly back!

If you know how much time you need, pick up a gift certificate from the options below.  A great gift for friends and family! We can add on to these routes, or convert the time to one of our standard tours with ease!



Time in the Air
Max Weight
20 minute tour
500 lbs


30 minute tour
500 lbs


40 minute tour
500 lbs



50 minute tour
500 lbs



60 minute tour
500 lbs


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