A New Way to Learn to Fly

Progressive Flight Education is a structured flight training program built on a series of steps. With each step, you get closer to the ultimate goal of becoming a licensed pilot.

However, we know that due to time commitments, financial constraints and personal interest, you may only want to experience flying and gain some of the essential skills necessary to handle a small plane. Or maybe you want to start down the path and see what it’s like before committing.

To meet these needs, our programs are modularized with specific objectives.  You can choose to complete an entry level program now and come back to take a more advanced program later. The choice is yours – you advance to the level you want knowing that you will have a tangible accomplishment and have learned a new skill.

We think anyone with an interest in flying should have an opportunity to learn to fly, even if they do not want to obtain their pilot’s license. With our innovative Progressive Flight Education Program we have made that possible.

Here are the steps in our program. Click on each to find out more.

Flight Level 1 - I Have Control

Expanding your Horizons

With this training you will be able to:

  • Fly an airplane without any intervention from an instructor
  • Start, Taxi and Take Off all under your control
  • Decipher basic aviation radio calls and make them too!
  • Apply critical thinking to fuel calculations
Flight Level 2 - Pushing the Envelope

The 5 S’ of Survival

With this training you will be able to:

  • Execute steep turns with 45 degrees of bank
  • Control the aircraft at the slowest possible speed of flight
  • Recognize the onset of a Stall and recover before it happens
  • Enter and recover from Spiral Dives
  • Recognize the situations that can lead to a Spin and avoid them
Flight Level 3 - Solo Pilot

Just you and the airplane

With this training you will be able to:

  • Control the aircraft by only referencing the cockpit instruments
  • Take off, fly a circuit pattern and Land the aircraft all by yourself
  • Recover from bad landings or abort them pre-emptively
  • Glide the aircraft to the runway in the event of an engine failure in the circuit
  • Handle emergencies within the cockpit such as electrical or engine fires
Flight Level 4 - Higher Education

And Higher Expectations

With this training you will be able to:

  • Take off and land on short runways
  • Take off and land on grass and gravel runways
  • Control the airplane in the event of an engine failure
  • Glide the aircraft safely to an unprepared landing surface
  • Execute precise maneuvers with sole reference to the flight instruments
Flight Level 5 - See Ya Later, Navigator

Your Solo Cross-Country

With this training you will be able to:

  • Fly the aircraft slow and low while inspecting a field for the suitability to land
  • Plan a cross country flight, plot headings and altitudes on a chart and file a flight plan
  • Divert from a planned trip to any place you desire by using only a pencil and map
  • Navigate a cross country trip to two other airports all by yourself!
Flight Level 6 - Certified Pilot

Wrapping things up

After this unit is done you will be a licensed pilot! This unit gets you ready to pass a flight-test with a Transport Canada Pilot Examiner.

People often ask how to get started. The real answer is it depends, but we think the best way is to start flying! Contact us to book a flight!

Often people think they can’t start flying before they finish groundschool or get their medical and that’s simply not true! Those are items you’ll want to start on shortly after you begin training however.