If you are a licensed pilot looking for a place to fly, come check us out. Owen Sound Flight Services CTJ Flaps Downhas three Cessna 172s available for rent by licensed pilots.

To book a plane call (519) 372-1259

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Currency Requirements

If you have not flown in the last Requirements
45*-180 days Circuit check
180-365 days Abbreviated check
365+ days Annual / Full checkout
*45 Day Currency Standard

Our Aircraft

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Circuit Check

  1. 3 Circuits and an Overshoot

Abbreviated Check

  1. Forced landing
  2. Stall
  3. Steep turn
  4. Takeoffs and landings
  5. Overshoot

Annual / Full Checkout

  1. Slow flight
  2. Stall
  3. Steep turns
  4. Forced landings
  5. Overshoot
  6. Takeoff and landings
  7. Knowledge of critical airspeeds
  8. Emergencies and abnormalities
  9. Weight and balance

Annual or Full checkout usually takes about an hour and a half. Abbreviated Checkout takes close to an hour. Circuit Checkout takes about ½ hour. Times may vary depending on pilot ability.

The full checkout can be slightly extended to be a Flight Review which meet the Transport Canada 2 year Recency requirements, contact us for more information.

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