If you are a licensed pilot looking for a place to fly, come check us out. Owen Sound Flight Services CTJ Flaps Downhas three Cessna 172s available for rent by licensed pilots.

To book a plane call (519) 372-1259

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Currency Requirements

If you have not flown in the last Requirements
45*-180 days Circuit check
180-365 days Abbreviated check
365+ days Annual / Full checkout
*45 Day Currency Standard

Our Aircraft

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Circuit Check

  1. 3 Circuits and an Overshoot

Abbreviated Check

  1. Forced landing
  2. Stall
  3. Steep turn
  4. Takeoffs and landings
  5. Overshoot

Annual / Full Checkout

    The  Annual Checkout is a comprehensive review of a number of airwork items that would be assessed on a flight test.  You can get a lot more information on our Getting Checked Out page at this link.