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When it comes time to write your final exams, don’t worry you don’t have to travel all the way to Toronto or Hamilton, you can write them here!

Even if you have trained somewhere else, we would be happy to order your exam for you at your leisure!


Owen Sound Flight Servces is approved to invigilate the following exams:

[PSTAR] – Pre Solo Exam (only available for OSFS enrolled students) No Cost
[ROC/A] – Restricted Radio Operators Licence Exam – Aeronautical $150.00
[PIBAL] – Balloon Pilot Licence Exam $300.00
[HAGAR] – Hang Glider Written Exam $300.00
[ULTRA] – Ultralight Pilot Aeroplane Exam $300.00
[GLIDE] – Glider Pilot Licence Exam $300.00
[GYROP] – Gyroplane Pilot Licence Exam $300.00
[RPPAE] – Recreational Pilot Permit Exam $300.00
[PPAER] – Private Pilot Licence Aeroplane Exam $300.00
[PPHEL] – Private Pilot  Licence Helicopter Exam $300.00

 Additional Supplemental Exams are $175+hst each.  Cost for multiple exams does not exceed $300+hst.



To book an appointment for a written examination, complete the form below.

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These are supplemental exams. You would generally be selecting one or more of these if you have already attempted a main exam and obtained a partial pass in a section requiring a re-write of those sections only.


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