Q.  How far ahead should I book my sightseeing tour?

  • If looking for a specific date/time, we recommend you book at least a week ahead during the summer  months.  Spring and Winter tend to be less busy and we can quite often accommodate shorter notice bookings, sometimes even the day of!

Q.  What if the weather is bad on the day of my flight?

  • If the weather is not suitable for the flight, we will call you ahead of time and discuss these details with you.  We can fly in relatively “bad weather’, however that doesn’t mean you would enjoy such a flight, so it’s not just about whether or not it’s possible, but is it practical.  We want you to enjoy this experience, so we will advise you of the weather you can expect, and we can make a decision together whether we take off or stay on the ground.  Call us if you are at all unsure or have any concerns, otherwise if you don’t hear from us, you can consider the flight a go! There is no charge for cancellations due to weather!

Q.  Is the price per person, or for everyone?

  • The price of the sightseeing flights is for up to 3 people, so if it’s just you, maybe find some friends to bring along!  Most of our flights are limited to 500lbs of weight to be divided by the three of you, so keep in mind that’s 3 people averaging 165lbs each.  And don’t be coy with your weight, we’re not here to judge you, we need your weight for safety reasons.  We have a scale here to confirm your weights, so please tell us honestly, or we will find out when you get here!

Q.  Do you conduct tours year round?

  • Absolutely!   We do sightseeing flights through all four seasons and there are sights to see all year round!  Beautiful waterfalls gushing in the spring, amazing blue water and green landscapes in the summer, outstanding orange, red and and yellow trees in the fall and very cool ice flows in the winter!  Every season has something to see!