This page is for students and pilots. Use the links below to access our digital scheduling/recordkeeping systems.  If you are looking to book a Sightseeing Flight or make a Charter Inquiry, visit those pages in the menus above.

Flight Schedule Pro

Flight Schedule Pro is our scheduling system for Flight Training and Aircraft Rental by licenced pilots. Online scheduling allows you to see when airplanes and instructors are available, and even book flights yourself. Follow this link to the login page, and from there you have an option to create an account with the button under the login form:

Before making bookings yourself please watch the videos and read the material under the “Notices” section of the dashboard when you first log in.
Airbooks is our digital record system. Everything from dispatching for your flight, airplane logbooks and technical records, flight training and groundschool records and more! Follow this link to log into airbooks. Dont have an account? contact Us to help you set one up.