Passenger Flights

Need to get somewhere that the Airlines don’t fly?  Maybe you need to depart at a specific time that the big planes aren’t flying!  Check out our Passenger Charter Flights and get a quote to where you need to go.

CTJ Griffith IslandOur Passenger Flights run anywhere in Ontario and Quebec in our Single Engine Cessna 172 during Daylight Hours and VFR Weather.  When you book a Passenger Flight you are chartering the entire aircraft for one price.  We can take up to 3 Passengers at a time, saving you money off the cost of the flight!  We can fly into major airports, and we can fly into grass strips.  If you can give us 2000 feet of relatively flat surface, we can land there!

Charter Rates picPassenger Flights are charged based on the distance you fly, at $2.30 per statute mile.  Need to get some family from Toronto to Owen Sound?  We can pick them up at Buttonville Airport and get them here in less than an hour for $407.10 plus HST.  Maybe you have an American Airlines flight leaving from the Waterloo Airport.  We can get you there in about 45 minutes for $377.20 plus HST.  For a full list of our rates and destinations check out our Charter Rates document on the right.  Is your destination not on the list?  Send us an email at and we will gladly work out a quote for you!

Passenger Flights leave when you need them to, and go where you want them to.  The Return Cost is the total price for us to fly to and from the destination airport.  Return flight means a flight from Owen Sound to the destination, and then returning to Owen Sound from there, typically immediately after if not for a short delay.  If you want to be dropped off and picked up at a later date and time that would require two separate flights.  We will wait for passengers after dropping them off for a short period of time, after which a waiting fee is charged by the hour.  Overnight stays are also possible with additional charges for pilot accommodations and per diems.  We can carry about 500 lbs of weight between you and your passengers and bags, so give us a loading and destination and we will give you a quote!

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