Congrats Cynthia on your first solo!

Cynthia, Cynthia, Cynthia (this is already starting to sound like our debriefs)… Congratulations Cynthia, we knew you had it in you!

I remember our first flight like it was April 5th…oh wait, it was April 5th…of 2010…boy time flies when you’re…flying…but I digress…I remember our first flight when 10 degree banks to the left, left you feeling uneasy…and contrast that now with the occasional 30 degree climbing left turn, it’s as if sometimes we have to get the aerobatic side of you to subside a little!

What I mean to say is that you’ve come a long way, both in your comfort level and in your ability…and there is often times a relationship between the two! Sprinkle on some experience and self confidence and you have the recipee for a good solo pilot…you!


With no one in the front (or in the back) you took off and landed all by yourself…and have since logged almost 5 hours of solo! (yes I’m a bit behind in getting this out).


We even managed to get you by surprise with the Solo Bucket of Water…though I’m not sure who got more, you or your instructor! (Dan definately looks surprised!)

It’s been fun so far Cynthia, and now we’re on to more exciting things besides going around and around, like Engine Failures, and Cross Country Flying, so get back to the books and get ready, because it only gets more “educational” from here.


Owen Sound Flight Services Team