Flying & Groundschool Package – Level 2 – Save $310

Flying & Groundschool Package – Level 2 – Save $310

Cost: …..$3000.00

Savings: $310.00 (Equivalent to 2 Hours of Aircraft Rental)

This package includes:

*          Groundschool Kit
*          Groundschool Tuition
*          7-10 Hours Aircraft Rental
*          15-20 Hours of Instructor Time
*         2 Bonus Hours of Aircraft Rental
$  319.44
$  350.00
$  1100 – 1500
$  900 – 1200
$  310 Credit
taxes of 13% apply

How it works:

Upon signing up for the $310 Bonus Flying and Groundschool package, your account will be credited in the amount of $3000.  We will then debit the Groundschool Kit and Tuition including taxes right away.  As you fly, we will deduct the costs of your training flights from your account, as well as any other services or products you purchase through us, until your balance reaches zero.  At that point, you will be credited $310 towards your next lessons.

This package shows a range of approximately 7-10 hours of flying because every student is different with how long it takes to achieve the goals of a given flight lesson, and therefor costs vary.   What takes 1 hour of flying for one student might take 1.5 hours for another, or 30 minutes for the next.

As far as ground briefings go, a 1 hour flight can have anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour of pre-flight briefing time, depending on the complexity of the lesson as well as how much studying was completed by student prior to the flight.  10 Hours of Flight training could contain as much as 20 hours of Flight Instructor time from the required pre and post flight briefings, and in flight instruction.

There are multiple variables that can affect the cost throughout flight training, but take comfort in the fact that we are professionals, and we will work with you to help you reach your goals as efficiently as possible.  We are passionate about sharing our love for flying with you.

This package is meant to motivate students to get flying.  Groundschool can be a challenging experience that sometimes deters students from even stepping into the cockpit.  In our experience, students who have completed a few hours of flying while enrolled in a groundschool course will grasp the abstract concepts we discuss throughout the classes with much greater comprehension than those students that haven’t yet flown.  With some amazing flying memories, students excel in groundschool as they are motivated to work hard knowing what reward lies above.

If you commit to doing $3000 worth of flight training and ground school between now and August of 2018, we will help you get more for your money by rewarded you with $310 of additional flying credit, subject to the conditions below.


Conditions & Limitations.

This offer is back end loaded, meaning you must complete the package by depleting your account to zero through flight training, before the offer of $310 can be credited to your account.

The bonus of $310 (equivalent to 2 hours of aircraft rental) given in this package does not include tax.   You are subject to paying 13% HST.  To clarify, your account will be credited in the amount of $310, any fees incurred outside of this amount are the responsibility of the student.

This offer has an expiry date of August 1st, 2018.  This means if you don’t finish the flying package before August 1st, 2018, by reaching zero on your account, you will not be offered the additional Aircraft Rental Bonus.  Your account will still remain with whatever balance was left, and you can use that balance any time, however the offer for the additional flying time will no longer be in effect.


You must use the bonus offer of flying time before August 1st, 2018.  The bonus value will not roll through beyond August 1st, 2018.

You will be protected from Flight Training Rate increases until August 1st, 2018, or until your account balance is back to zero, whichever comes first.  If our rates go up throughout the package validity period, we will shelter you from any increases until your account balance is back to zero.

We do not refund or gift back the bonus value of $310.  This must be utilized through services offered by Owen Sound Flight Services, and must be used before August 1st, 2018.

Payments by Debit, Cheque, E-mail Money Transfer, or Cash are preferred.
Credit Cards are subject to an additional fee of 2%