300N.M Xcountry

Wow, Jacqueline!  You did it, way to go, you’re a Commercial Pilot!  Awesome!

A journey that started almost 3 years ago to the day culminates with you passing your Commercial Pilot Flight Test!  You have worked so so hard over these last few years Jacqueline, and you have persevered through many difficult times.  Your hard work and dedication is all paying off now, sit back for a moment and reflect on your accomplishments!

Although you can say you have reached your destination, we both know that this is only the beginning.  There is a bright future waiting for you out there in aviation, and with your positive attitude there is nothing that will stop you from achieving anything you desire.  Aviation is such a profoundly diverse industry that really the choices are endless.  We know that for the next step you want to start teaching others to fly, and we can tell you from experience, there is no more rewarding career in aviation than that of a Flight Instructor.

It’s times like this that make teaching flying all worth it.  We share in your accomplishments Jacqueline.  This may be hard to believe but we are equally if not more excited about your success than you are.  We are just so proud of you Jacqueline and we have thoroughly enjoyed watching you grow as a pilot.  We can’t wait for you to share your love for aviation with others as we know your passion will show through and will mold your students into like minded pilots.

We wish you the best of success as you take this first big step in your career in training to be a Flight Instructor.  Continue to employ the dedication and enthusiasm that you have put into aviation up to this point, and you will continue to realize your dreams.

Congratulations Jacqueline, we’re so proud of you 🙂


Dave and Dan

Owen Sound Flight Services