Progressive Flight Education

A New Way to Learn to Fly

Progressive Flight Education is a structured flight training program built on a series of steps. With each step, you get closer to the ultimate goal of becoming a licensed pilot.

Sometimes, due to time commitments, financial constraints and personal interest, some may only want to experience flying and gain some of the essential skills necessary to handle a small plane without actually completing the licence.

We think anyone with an interest in flying should have an opportunity to learn to fly, even if they do not want to obtain their pilot’s license. With our innovative Progressive Flight Education Program we have made that possible.  Our program can take you all the way, or to any objective you have in your passion for flying.

Getting a Private Pilot Licence is broken down into a series of modules or “Flight Levels”, defined by achieving a tangible skill.  Throughout your flight training experience, there are milestones along the way where you can look back and say, wow I can actually do “this’ now.  Perhaps that is simply flying an airplane, or maybe it’s the complexity of landing an airplane, or navigating on a cross country flight or the ultimate goal of taking your first passengers flying after becoming a licenced pilot.

Here are the steps in our program. Click on the link to find out more.

Flight Level 1 – I Have Control – {Expanding your Horizons}

Flight Level 2 – Pushing the Envelope – {The 5 S’ of Survival}

Flight Level 3 – Solo Pilot – {Just You and the Airplane)

Flight Level 4 – Higher Education {And Higher Expectations}

Flight Level 5 – See Ya Later, Navigator – {Your Solo Cross Country}

Flight Level 6 – Certified Pilot – {You’re Licensed!}


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