FL-2 Pushing the Envelope

This intermediate program builds on the core essentials you learned in Flight Level I, but calls for critical thinking in tough situations.  Pushing the Envelope will take you and the aircraft to the limits, with emphasis on safety, recognition and avoidance.

What makes this program unique?

The maneuvers you will undergo during Slow Flight, Stalls, Spins and Spiral Dives are somewhat aerobatic in nature and the G Forces you feel will be testament to that.  During this training you will gain expert control and great confidence in flying the airplane, all the while gaining critical insight into understanding how these situations develop so that you can avoid them all together.

What you learn:

  • How to recognize and avoid hazardous flight conditions that can lead to more serious situations
  • How to control the aircraft in Steep Turns with 45 degrees of bank
  • Understand and implement Safety Checks at altitude  (HASEL Check)
  • Gain a greater understanding of the role flaps play in aircraft configurations
  • How to enter and recover from a Slow Flight condition
  • How to control and manoeuvre the aircraft in Slow Flight
  • Understand the factors that lead to an aircraft stalling
  • How to recognize the onset of a stall and make pre-emptive recovery
  • How to enter and recover from a power off stall for practice
  • How to enter and recover from a power on stall with a wing drop
  • Understand the factors that lead to an aircraft spinning
  • How to recover from an incipient and fully developed spin
  • Understand the factors that lead to a Spiral Dive
  • How to recover from a Spiral Dive
  • Understand G-Forces, Load Factor, and Aircraft Limitations

At the end of this program you will have the control and confidence to recover the aircraft in the event a Spiral Dive, Stall or Spin occur.  Moreover, you will have the key knowledge to identify the conditions that can lead to these dangerous situations, and you will be able to avoid them all together.  You will also have the ability to make turns of up to 45 degrees of bank while maintaining altitude and airspeed by referencing the horizon outside and instrumentation inside the aircraft.

Time Commitment

This program requires approximately 18 hours of your time, of which approximately 6 hours are actual flying time, about 5 hours are spent with an instructor in ground briefings and the remainder is spent studying course manuals that will familiarize you with the procedures and safety considerations pertinent to the lessons. If you fly twice a week, the program will take approximately 3 weeks to complete.  Faster or slower is your choice, we will make a schedule around you!

Average Financial Impact

The costs are on a “pay as you go” basis, meaning at the end of each flight session you only need to pay for that days’ flight and ground time.  Based on the Flying Time and Instructor time quoted above, this program can be completed at an average cost of $1800 including HST.  You could expect to spend $300 for a given lesson module.

With this training you will be able to:

  • Execute steep turns with 45 degrees of bank
  • Control the aircraft at the slowest possible speed of flight
  • Recognize the onset of a stall and recover before it happens
  • Enter and recover from Stalls and Spiral Dives
  • Recognize the situations that can lead to a Spin and avoid them


Due to the one-on-one in-flight training, enrolment in this program is limited and should be booked as soon as possible.

* Completion of Flight Level 1 is a Pre-requisite to this program.