FL-5 See Ya Later, Navigator

This advanced level of flight education focuses greatly on navigation, and culminates when you return from your solo cross country!  Throughout this training module you will learn how to adapt to changing weather situations and deviate from your flight plan using nothing more than a pencil and a map to get the aircraft back on track!  You will take a trip with your instructor to a couple different airports, and then on the next sunny day you will do the same trip, but this time all on your own!

What makes this program unique?

Your ability to navigate the aircraft around southern Ontario is what defines you as a great navigator and pilot.  The skills you learn throughout the Diversion lessons will help you to find your way should you ever get lost, and the Pre-Cautionary Landings lesson will give you the tools you need to inspect any field to land in.

What you Learn

  • How to interpret wind direction using environmental clues
  • How to determine if a field is suitable for landing and take off
  • How to configure the aircraft for a low pass of a landing area for inspection
  • How to plan a cross country flight
  • How to navigate the airplane on a cross country to 2 other airports and return to base
  • How to deviate from your navigation plan and divert to an alternate destination
  • How to use your map and pencil to determine position
  • How to calculate Time, Distance and Groundspeed using dead reckoning
  • How to communicate with a Control Tower at a busy airport

After this program is over, you will have completed the entire training syllabus, and from here it’s just polishing up those skills in preparation for your flight test.  You will have the tools to fly the aircraft through a wide range of configurations, your navigation skills will be on par with that of a licenced Private Pilot and you will be well on your way to getting that final sign off!

Time Commitment

This program requires approximately 40 hours of your time, of which approximately 6 hours are actual flying time with an instructor (Dual), about 6 hours is actual flying by yourself (Solo), 1hour is spent in the Flight Simulator, 4 hours are spent with an instructor in ground briefings and the remainder is spent studying course manuals that will familiarize you with the information pertinent to the lessons. If you fly twice a week, the program will take approximately 7 weeks to complete.  Faster or slower is your choice, we will make a schedule around you!

Average Financial Impact

The costs are on a “pay as you go” basis, meaning at the end of each flight session you only need to pay for that days’ flight and ground time.  Based on the Flying Time and Instructor time quoted above, this program can be completed at an average cost of $3000 including HST.  You could expect to spend $300 for a given lesson module, and about $600 on the big cross country day!

With this training you will be able to:

  • Fly the aircraft slow and low while inspecting a field for the suitability to land
  • Plan a cross country flight, plot headings and altitudes on a chart and file a flight plan
  • Divert from a planned trip to any place you desire by using only a pencil and map
  • Navigate a cross country trip to two other airports all by yourself!


Due to the one-on-one in-flight training, enrolment in this program is limited and should be booked as soon as possible.

* Completion of Flight Level 4 is a Pre-requisite to this program.