Worst Case Scenario

This program is currently not active, call OSFS for more details and speak with Dave.


WORST CASE SCENARIO is a thrilling 2 hour flying experience where you will learn how to handle one of the most challenging emergency scenarios in aviation; the engine failure.  You’ll be tutored under the careful instruction and watchful eye of an expert flight instructor so you don’t need previous flying experience or ground school training.

5012e41421230.preview-620With modern innovation and technology engine failures are very rare, but when they do happen you need to be prepared!  Perhaps you can remember the story of the Airbus A320 landing in the Hudson River not long ago, after loosing both engines from bird impacts shortly after take off from New York’s LaGuardia Airport.  The captain who successfully landed the airplane on the river with zero injuries to passengers and crew, Captain Sullenberger (Sully), is now looked upon as a hero for his ability to be calm under pressure, and carry out the necessary actions in this emergency situation.  Anyone can achieve this ability with a little practice, and that’s exactly what we are going to do!


$660 plus HST

This program includes:

  • 2 Hours of actual flying time over 1 flight
  • 1 Hour Pre-Flight Ground Briefing
  • 1 Post Flight Debriefing
  • 50% Hands on Experience

What you will do:

  • Control the aircraft in straight and level flight
  • Glide the aircraft with the power at idle
  • Make pitch changes to control airspeed
  • Bank the aircraft to line up with a grass field for landing
  • Assist the pilot in landing the aircraft into a grass runway
  • Assist the pilot in taking off from a grass runway
  • Assist the pilot with climbing back to altitude
  • Read through an emergency checklist to identify the simulated cause of the failure
  • Conduct a passenger briefing in the simulated emergency
  • Conduct a simulated radio call appropriate for the engine failure scenario
  • Assist the pilot in navigating to and from the airport

How it works:

When purchasing this adventure flight online you will receive a gift certificate in the mail that you can use yourself or give to someone else.  Just call the number on the gift certificate to book your adventure!

Of course you can call us or drop in to purchase this package and we would be happy to tell you all about it!


  • This is strictly a one-on-one experience, you and the pilot so you cannot bring passengers.
  • Weight limit – 300 lbs.
  • Flights can be booked on the same or different days.
  • No Minimum Age
  • You must be in good health and not prone to motion sickness.
  • Gift certificate will not expire, however the value is guaranteed for 1 year from the purchase date, after which time if our rates have increased due to the rising costs of fuel or other factors, you will be required to pay the difference.