Wow Tim!  Impressive!  Way to go on passing your Private Pilot Written Exam.


It’s impressive because it’s no easy feat, especially considering how much time you have been around the aviation industry.  Tim for someone who jumped into our last groundschool session after missing the first 6 classes, you have certainly put in an outstanding effort to achieve a result like this so quickly!  Awesome Job!

Tim, you’ve now set the bar for all of our other groundschool attendees who have not yet attempted the written exam, but not just that, you have proven what hard work and dedication can get you!

As you have no doubt started to discover, Aviation provides a lifetime of learning, and although you are just starting to scratch the surface, your enthusiasm is what will most certainly continue to expand your horizons.

We wish you all the best of weather and continued success as you work towards your First Solo and then your Licence shortly thereafter!

Congrats again Tim!


Dave and Dan

Owen Sound Flight Services