Uh-Oh…You’re Grounded :(

Well you tried your best…no doubt you studied hard but unfortunately you did not pass the test despite your best efforts.

The good news is this didn’t cost you anything, other than your time, and the slight embarrassment of failing an Open Book quiz.  Hopefully the feedback you saw for the answers you entered incorrectly will give you some insight into why you got the questions wrong.

Now what do you do?  Well, take another look at the Handbook and see if you can interpret the information a different way.  Then when you’re ready, go back and write the quiz again, and this time if you’re not sure of an answer, remember that you can refer to the Handbook at any time, as this is an Open Book quiz.

We have faith in you, be strong and go back and give it another try.  Here’s a  link to the Student Renter Handbook, maybe have another browse through.